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Trolling on the Edge – the Story of a Noyo Fisherman

Trolling on the EdgeJoin us Thursday, March 31st, 6 pm, as we discuss Trolling on the Edge – the Story of a Noyo Fisherman by local author, Jeanne Duncan. Trolling on the Edge is the highly recommended story of Jeanne’s brother, fisherman Patrick D Robbins, who plied his trade right here, off the Mendocino coast in the 1960s and 1970s. It’s a quick read so check out a copy of the book today at Fort Bragg Library then join us for the Thursday discussion.


Trolling on the Edge grants your wistful, “Take me with you,” as you stand on the jetty and watch the small fishing boats leave the harbor and disappear in the swells out at sea. What does it feel like to fish for salmon and albacore on a small, wooden boat, braving rough seas and narrow rocky harbors? Why would anyone choose this uncertain, dangerous way to make a living? A young Mendocino Coast fisherman describes the excitement and thrills of his experiences on small, wooden boats on the turbulent north pacific, and the strange appeal of this life for him.

What reviewers are saying at Amazon about this book:

READ THIS BOOK, You will not regret it!

By DB in Manteca on February 2, 2016

This is one that I will keep on my shelf forever. I knew Jeanne and Pat years ago and am not surprised at her ability to produce this work of art. It is a highly credible and wonderful picture of the life of a fisherman on the northwest coast of California. At the same time, it keeps you on edge as the title suggests, at the wild adventures Pat experienced in his fishing career. My kids are reading it as well and it would be an awesome book for book clubs and high school classes to read together. Jeanne, I hope I meet you again to hug you and tell you in person how much I appreciated Trolling on the Edge. Pat, I know you miss it but I can’t help but be glad you are on dry ground in beautiful country now. My love to you both!
The Rest of the Story

By R. K. Anderson on August 31, 2007

…So, you go to a restaurant, the grocery or “Buzz’s Crab Stand” & order seafood. Easy to do. This book tells the story of just how difficult it is to give you that opportunity. It is a “take me with you” type of story & the author is good enough to make you feel you are really there. The stories are true, exciting, dangerously so & it is a hard life. “Fishermen tend to be quiet about what happens out there, & when a friend or ship goes under they will generally tell you about it in ten words or less.” This book held my attention from beginning to end. The author & her brother can be proud of their work.


Informative and good read on northern Ca fishing.

By Robbie R on March 13, 2011

I was Rv’ing on Bodega Bay, watching the fishing boats go in and out of port … spurring a desire to learn more about fishing in the area and navigating the Pacific. Imagine my surprise and delight finding this book on my Kindle. I read it straight through only putting it down occasionally to watch the boats traveling up and down the channel. This book is very well written, informative and renewed my respect for the hardworking men who make their living at sea.


Trolling On The Edge

By Debbie on June 4, 2002

What a great book. I live only an hour away from Noyo Harbor and my wife and I vist there often. I loved reading Jeanne’s book. The story really came to life for me. It was cool to learn what goes on in a fishermans mind. I see their jobs as being thrilling and hard work. I’ve watched the changes over the years that goes on in the fishermens world. Most of the changes seem not to favor the fishermen. I have high regards for them and what they do. Thanks…
Noyo jetty

Noyo Jetty image courtesy of Bob’s Eyes blog

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