Volunteer & Patron Recommendations

Volunteer Lorna recommends:

Books about librarians:

The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin and The War Librarian by Addison Armstrong

Both of these books are set in the World Wars. and both follow the paths of two different people.

The Librarian Spy was most engaging with believable people engaged in activities to end the war. It has mystery, suspense, a touch of romance and a hopeful message. Ava was a library of Congress librarian until she works for the US military in Lisbon. Elaine’s resistance efforts in occupied France connects with Ava’s intelligence work.

The War Librarian is more of a lone story of a front line librarian named Emmaline in the year 1918. She seeks and finds a long lost friend at the front. In contrast, Kathleen’s path is to the US Naval Academy in 1976. There is a compelling portrait of life as one of the first females at this institution.

The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray

The Personal Librarian is historical fiction. The narrative follows Belle from 1905 to 1924 as she evolves into the directress for the Pierpont Morgan Library from a manuscript reference librarian at Princeton University. The underlying stories of a woman advancing in a male world and the hidden world of racism were of most interest to me.