Wi-Fi Access

free wifi spot

Free WiFi (Wireless DSL) is available, with outlets provided for device charging, inside the Library during open hours and accessible 6 am – 10 pm outside of the Library, adjacent to the street in front of the building.

To access the Internet:

·        Make sure your wifi is on

·        Select the Mendo Public Library connection

·        Open your browser

·        In the “connection box” that pops up, select Connect

·        If the box doesn’t pop up right away, type an http:// address in your browser and hit enter. In the “connection box” that pops up, select Connect.

·        At this point, you should be online!

·       With an IPhone or IPad, if the connection box doesn’t come up, you’ll need to clear the cache (clear the history) on your browser (Safari). Once you clear the cache, close your browser then re-open it and type in an http:// address.  You should get the pop up connection box and button to connect.

·      With an android device, turn on your wifi in settings then swipe down from the top. In the messages that appear, select the one that says “Sign on to Mendo Public Library” which should bring up the connection box. Select Connect and you should now be online.

Need further assistance? Ask any staff member for help.

Please be conscious of the dangers to personal information transmitted and received over the internet when using an open wireless system.  Change your passwords often.

Security: The network uses encryption to protect the wireless information sent and received by your device within the confines of the Fort Bragg Branch Library. Nearly all websites on the Internet use SSL/TLS encryption to protect sensitive information communicated between your device and the website in question. WiFi users should maintain personal security software to protect against malware and viruses on the Internet.

Mendocino County Library assumes no responsibility for use or misuse of this free WiFi public service.

Please do not leave your personal items unsupervised in the Library.  We cannot watch your items and will not be responsible for loss or damage.

**WiFi printing from mobile devices or laptops is not available at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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