Volunteer Spotlight

volunteer spotlight

Volunteers are the lifeblood of every successful community.  Without volunteers there would be very few food banks or youth sports programs, even less community theaters and sparsely run public libraries.  Even politicians would have a hard time campaigning for elections without volunteers.

At the library, volunteers are crucial, not only to the everyday running of the library but behind the scenes as well.  Library volunteers provide assistance with device maintenance and guidance, re-shelves, shift and organize sections, help with book and disc repairs, prep items for circulation, book cleaning and repairs, lead and assist with programming, fund raise, provide baked goods for events, and many, many more tasks too numerous to name.  Volunteers are the heart of the community and make visiting your public library a more personable, rewarding experience.  

This is especially true for Fort Bragg Library.  The Friends of the Fort Bragg Library are our lifeblood.  In order to celebrate those wonderful individuals who volunteer at Fort Bragg Library we’ve set up a this feature entitled Volunteer Spotlight.  Through Volunteer Spotlight, you will get to know our library volunteers; why they volunteer for the library, what they do as volunteers, and, we hope, you will have an insight into what makes your local library the ideal volunteer experience. (Hint: It’s the people!)

Salute to our volunteers because

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” Gladys B Stern

Volunteer Spotlight onJudy Whitlock

As a retired R.N., Judy knows the how the hustle and bustle of a busy place can wear on the stamina of the staff. Judy spent many years helping at the circulation desk and now works behind the scenes processing our Friday holds. Judy is a familiar face around Fort Bragg volunteering for various organizations, one of which is Soroptimist International of Noyo Sunrise (co-sponsors of the annual Quilt Walk and Quilt Show).

Here, in her own words, she tells us about her experience as a volunteer with Fort Bragg Library:

Volunteer Spotlight

FFBL:  How long have you been volunteering for Fort Bragg Library?  What year did you start?

JW:  I started in 2007 (11 years)

FFBL: How did you learn about Fort Bragg Library and what prompted you to get involved?

JW:  I’ve known and loved the library since I was a child. I remember when the old Fort Bragg Library burned down. After I retired from nursing, I found myself in need of “people contact” and the library seemed like a great place to meet people.

FFBL: In what ways are you involved as a volunteer with Fort Bragg Library?

JW:   For several years I worked at the circulation desk, covering staff lunches. After taking a few months off from volunteering, I returned to the library to help process the Friday holds.

FFBL: What keeps you coming back to volunteer?

JW:  Mental stimulation and talking with staff and patrons

FFBL: What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?

JW:   Contact with people.

FFBLL: What hobbies or spare time activities do you enjoy?

JW: Quilting, reading, gardening, and spending time with my grandchildren and adult children.

Thank you, Judy, for all your hard work and dedication!  Fort Bragg Library salutes you!

Volunteer Spotlight on…Joe and Kathy Averill

Here, in their own words, they tell us about their experience volunteering with Fort Bragg Library:

Volunteer Spotlight

FFBL:  How long have you been volunteering for Fort Bragg Library?  What year did you start?

J/K:  6 years…Started in 2008

FFBL: How did you learn about Fort Bragg Library and what prompted you to get involved?

J/K:  We came into the library to get library cards and the next thing we knew we were shelving books