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Material donations

Does the Library accept material donations?

Yes!  All donations are greatly appreciated.  Donations help fill gaps in specific collections and provide funding for programming and supplies.

What type of materials does the Library accept?

Donation Guidelines:

These items we love:

  •     Antiquarian, Rare and Collectible Books (ex: Special Collections)
  •     Children’s Books
  •     Foreign Language Books (in Western Script)
  •     Hardcover Fiction and Nonfiction
  •     Mass Market Paperbacks
  •     Trade Paperbacks
  •     *CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  •    * Books on CD-unabridged only
  •     *Video Games

*Only complete disc sets with original case art.


Books must be free of mildew, mold, and dirt. They should not exhibit excessive spine damage, have missing pages, or be missing their covers. Books cannot have water damage. For media, sets must be complete and cannot be missing the original case art.

These items we do not accept. Recycle them or donate them locally:

  •     Any books which do not meet the Condition Requirements above.
  •     Abridgments (books on CD, books, etc.)
  •     Activity Books and Workbooks (ex: Coloring Books)
  •     Annuals and Yearbooks
  •     Audio Cassettes, VHS Tapes, & Computer Software
  •     Books Published by Magazines (ex: Reader’s Digest Condensed and Time-Life Books)
  •     Britannica and World Books Encyclopedia
  •     Case Law and Procedural Books
  •     Custom Course Packets
  •     Damaged or moldy materials
  •     Dated Reference Material (over 5 years old)
  •     Directories and Telephone Books
  •     Duplicate Copies (in excess of 20 copies per title)
  •     Free Copies, Examination Copies, or Advanced Reading Copies
  •     Journals and Periodicals
  •     Materials with markings or writing (except author signed books).
  •     Microfilm and Microfiche
  •     Newspapers and Magazines
  •     Non-Western Script Books
  •     Tax and Government Documents or Forms
  •     Textbooks-New or used

Where does the Library accept donations?

The Library is not accepting donations at this time, however, our Friends of the Fort Bragg Library are! You can donate materials three ways: 1) First Saturday of the month drop off or 2) the donation box at Safeway (small quantities only please) 3) small bag or box at library (if more than that, please wait for the 1st Saturday donation drop-off)

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes!  At your request, the Friends will provide you with a receipt that you may fill out for tax purposes. The Friends are not qualified to determine the value of your donation. It will be up to you to assign a value for tax purposes.

Will the Friends take large donations (more than 4 boxes)?

If you have a large amount of materials that you wish to donate, please contact the Friends by e-mail with the quantity and a description of the materials and they will contact you to make arrangements.

What do the Friends do with donations?

Donated items are evaluated with care and the Friends will pass quality materials to the Library for its collection.  Due to limited space and extended processing time and cost, we are unable to place every donation on the shelves.  If the donation is not one the Library can use it is given to the Friends of the Library to sell at the Noyo Harbor Bookstore, periodical book sales, in the library, or online.  Books that don’t sell through the Friends are donated to other nonprofit agencies.

The money raised by sales goes to fund programming and to purchase other library materials.

What can I do with materials the library cannot accept? 

Recycle! Reuse!

Most thrift stores accept books and other materials as donations or you may decide to recycle the books, magazines, cassettes, and VHS tapes at:

Fort Bragg Disposal

219 Pudding Creek Rd., Fort Bragg




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