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Expansion News and Events

Welcome to our Expansion News and Events Page! Here you’ll find pertinent information concerning the expansion and fundraising events so check back often to see what’s happening and how you can help.
THANK YOU to all who attended the Out of Hat performance at Flynn Creek Circus benefiting the Library Expansion Project. Total proceeds for the night came to a whopping $1697! Thank you!

Flynn Creek Circus Presents:

July 3, 2019, 7 pm

Friends of the Fort Bragg Library

benefit show at Friendship Park in Mendocino,

under the Big Top Tent!


Out of Hat

“Down the rabbit hole we go with Amelia Van Brunt as the magician’s rabbit…Join us for an original comic tale told from the rabbit’s perspective as she explores the physics of magic and the magic of physics.  Revolutionist bunnies, a sinister magician, a two headed girl and animal control agents collide in a hilarious quest to get the rabbit back in the hat.   Fundamentally, Flynn Creek Circus’ 2019 show, ‘Out of Hat’ is  just a flimsy plot line built to deliver explosively entertaining acrobatics, aerial stunts and feats of skill that require decades of passionate dedication .  In true Flynn Creek Circus style, ‘Out of Hat’  is charmingly self aware, raw, edgy, sometimes profound  and yet entirely family friendly (except that adult showing).   Don’t let the vintage (aka rough) exterior fool you.  ‘Out of Hat’ brings Internationally award winning performers to an intimate setting for a truly authentic theater experience.  This year’s show features  Kris and Harrison Kremo from Switzerland.   These world famous ‘gentlemen jugglers’ (if you don’t believe us,  google them!) will charm your socks off….speaking of  ‘off’… Las Vegas acrobatic troupe, Off Axis, will return with an  all new, jaw dropping act for 2019.  All flippedness aside (haha..flippedness..there will definitely be some flips…did you get the pun?  Is flippedness even a word?), ‘Out of Hat’ will blow your mind!” Flynn Creek Circus is an all-human spectacle.

(above description and photo courtesy of

Tickets available here.

(scroll down to “Please Choose an Event”)

Tickets not available at the library.

Soup’s On!

Friday, April 12, 2019 @ 6-8 pm

Come help the Friends of the Fort Bragg Library pay for a new library by attending a Soup & Salad Dinner at Masonic Hall, 428 N. Main St., Fort Bragg.

Along with a smorgasbord of delicious soups there will be salad, French bread and a dessert.  The price is $15 per person with all proceeds benefiting the Fort Bragg Library Expansion Project.






Soup and Salad Dinner provided in full by
the Masons of Fort Bragg, CA.

Door prize courtesy of

Fun and awe was had by all! What a wonderful way to kick off our Expansion fundraising.

Benefit Show for our very own magicians: Friends of the Fort Bragg Library! Library fans of all ages–including the circus performers–ask each one of you to Dream Big, Soar High 🙂


Dream big, soar high!

with Flynn Creek Circus!

Flynn Creek Circus

Flynn Creek Circus is an all human, all ages “Inter-Active” blast, that’s riotously funny, deeply moving and dangerously inspiring and they’re coming to town to benefit the Fort Bragg Library Expansion Project!

So come one, come all! Get your tickets for Friday, September 1, 2017 and do your part to help us build a new library!

Tickets can be purchased through the Flynn Creek Circus website through August 31st.

Join us for the fun!

Coming Back to the Paul Bunyan Days Festival with an all new show!

Under the charmingly nostalgic big top, this show is anything but typical…

Featuring the best acts from the U.S., Canada, Belgium, France, Guatemala and Turkmenistan, Flynn Creek Circus’ ‘Inter-Active’ fuses comedy, improvisation and jaw dropping skills to create a completely new horizon in circus theater. Each showing is unique and full of surprises. The audience’s choices will guide the cast through impressive and often ridiculous stunts in a film noir world. Riotously funny, deeply moving and dangerously inspiring, this ‘mad libs’ meets ‘mad skills’ circus is an ultra-engaging, all ages blast.

Friday, September 1st’s night’s show is sponsored by the Friends of the Fort Bragg Library to benefit the Fort Bragg Library expansion.”

Ukiah Daily Journal Article 9/6/15

Yard Sale Fundraiser Kick-Off Event Update First Day:

Saints and shovels were given new homes today at the Friends of Fort Bragg Library yard sale. $849 was raised the first day. Come Sunday from 9-3 to buy cool stuff or just to look. (Don’t miss the corset!) Sale benefits the library expansion project. Step 1: Clean House!


yardsaleWe’re having a Yard Sale to kick-off our fundraising efforts for the Fort Bragg Library Expansion. Most of the furniture and treasures for sale were gleaned from inside the buildings of the expansion property on Whipple St, some dating back as early as the 1940s.

Come on down and support your local library at the Yard Sale,

Saturday and Sunday, November 12 & 13

9 am to 3 pm.

421 N Whipple St., Fort Bragg, CA 95437.

For more information please contact

Friends of the Fort Bragg Library at