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Just Among Friends Newsletter

Just Among Friends


Our Friends have been incredibly busy this year with online sales, monthly donation drop-offs, pop-up book sales, the Noyo Bookstore and much, much more.

Hopefully, 2022 will bring a return to in-person gatherings and active fundraising. Until then, the behind the scenes work will continue.

Check out our Friends tab on the main home page to see what the Friends are all about and how you can support the library by joining the Friends.

Branch Manager’s Report 2021

At Fort Bragg Library, we bring people together for new experiences, creating a hub of activity with a variety of engaging, fun events for our community. Our newsletter, Among Friends, offers you a glimpse into the fun programs we’ve shared. 

If, after reading Among Friends, you feel yourself missing out on all the fun, you can check out our Calendar of Events to help plan your future trips to the library for optimum enrichment.

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