Friends of the Fort Bragg Library


In any community, the public library is a vital resource. The Friends of the Fort Bragg Library was formed to support this resource–to make a good library even better. The Friends of the Fort Bragg Library was organized as a nonprofit corporation in 1977 to provide funding and other support for special programs to complement the basic services provided by the Mendocino County Library system to the Fort Bragg Library.

In 1987 the library building and its contents were destroyed by fire. A temporary site was provided and as plans for a new facility began to take shape, the “Friends” directed Operation Phoenix raising over $100,000 and 100,000 books in donations, from which the Library started its new collection.

Funding and support

Contributions through membership dues, donations, memorial bequests and special fundraising events are the means by which the Friends:

  • Purchase a significant number of books and multimedia reference materials;
  • Purchase equipment such as: audio/visual equipment, computer equipment and peripherals;
  • Provide other items that are not budgeted by the County such as: annual building maintenance, flags, signage, etc.

Management and membership

The twelve members of the Board of Directors are volunteers. The Friends has no paid staff, no office rental and minimal operational expenses relating to postage, printing and supplies. So, almost every dollar earned or donated goes directly to supporting library services. The general membership boasts over 600 concerned people. Together they make a big difference to the community and the availability of library and information services to our rural area.

Meetings and Activities

The Board of Directors meets on the third Friday of each month at 10:00 am in the Community Room of the Fort Bragg Library. The public is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Other activities

Often, the Friends sponsor Library programs.  Check our page for updates on Friends sponsored programs.

A yearly newsletter is sent to all members of the Friends announcing programs and other information of interest.

How can the local community assist the Friends in supporting the library?

1. Join the Friends of the FortBragg Library. Membership dues are $5. Your dollars and your voice  make a difference.

2. Volunteer your time to work on Friends projects. This continues to become more and more important as governmental budgets are cut back. The Friends need more willing and committed hands for a variety of tasks and projects.

3. Donate books, audiobooks, music, DVDs, etc that may go directly into the library or can be sold at Book Sales, in the Noyo Bookstore or online.

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