Our Library Staff

Dan HessDan, Branch Librarian

What do I look for in a library? Stories! Everything is a story. Even the most random experiences line up with a plot, setting, characters and theme. Fiction and non-fiction account for experience and record observations in different ways but “storytelling” is what they have in common. Curiosity keeps us asking questions and doubt makes us verify our results. It’s all about “getting the whole story,” and applies to all library materials–from scientific research to mysteries.

Fort Bragg branch is bursting at the seams with stories! Some readers come for Politics, some for Romance! Our staff is composed of people who love to sort and organize material, then present our collections to you. The collections include physical material and electronic resources. We love to dig and don’t want you to leave empty-handed. Our #1 priority is to create a peaceful and cheerful environment where people can learn and share stories.

I’ve worked in libraries since the 1980s with steadily increasing opportunities to serve the public. I received my MLIS in 2011. I started at Fort Bragg Branch in June 2016 after more than fifteen years in county library positions in the Bay Area. My first visit to Fort Bragg was in June 1990 as a cyclist pedaling the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route from Oakland to Portland. Who knew I’d come back to peddle books and movies?! As your Branch Librarian, I hope to make the library an open book–a story of discovery–for anyone who walks through the door.

Kim, Children and Teens Librarian

I am very happy to be helping Fort Bragg families explore all our library has to offer. I am a native Californian but had never been to this beautiful corner of the state until my job interview. I was born and raised in Riverside. I grew up reading Mad Magazine and the Oz books, and I would still rather read a book for children or teens than one for adults, whether it’s Mo Willems or Harry Potter. I spent the summer after high school volunteering at the Riverside Main Library, putting videotape descriptions on 3” x 5” cards.

I got my MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science degree) in 1999 at San José State. I worked as a clerk at the Palo Alto Children’s Library and then became a part-time Children’s Librarian for SJPL. I moved up to Washington State, where I was a full-time Youth Services Librarian and then ran a used bookstore for children. It’s great to be back in a library and back in California!

Peggy, Senior Library Technician

My first library experience was with the bookmobile that stopped up the street from my childhood home. Every week I held my mother’s hand while climbing the steps to the enchantments of other worlds found in books. I’ve been hooked ever since.
My 10 years’ experience working in a bookstore secured my position at Fort Bragg Library. The library gives me the satisfaction of connecting people with the materials they’re craving without having to up sell.

As a Senior Library Technician, I am responsible for maintaining the website (fortbragglibrary.org), cataloging items purchased and donated, ordering new materials, and anything else as needed. My special passion is the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program—reading to children is crucial to their future success.

If you have any questions about the website, 1000 Books or anything else, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at fortbraggbranchlibrary@gmail.com.

See you at the library!

Amie, Library Technician

While vacationing on the Mendocino Coast as a youth, Amie aspired to be the crazy cat lady wandering the village wearing indelible-ink lipstick. She now lives in Fort Bragg with less than two dozen cats, five chickens and three ginormous bears: she’s this close to achieving her childhood dream. 

Jennifer, Library Assistant

My first memory of books and reading was my parents reading to me as a child. Once I learned to read on my own, I was hooked! I read to my stuffed animals and stayed up past my bedtime, reading. Today, my favorite places to be are bookstores and libraries, where I can discover new worlds in the books those places have to offer.

I graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from San Jose State University. I am excited to be working here at the Fort Bragg Library as Library Assistant! My favorite books to read are contemporary fiction and romance novels.

John, Extra-Help

John’s our resident expert on rare, used books and has a keen eye for library “finds”. He also does book repairs and CD/DVD maintenance work.
I was born in Berkeley, attended Oakland City College, went to the Mediterranean in the Navy and grew up in a family that valued books. I enjoy helping Library users and today a patron was looking for Fort Bragg history. We have that! Yesterday I was able to recommend a 1975 movie, Hester Street about immigrants in New York City. I eagerly anticipate more opportunities to help.

Jasmine, Extra Help

I moved to Fort Bragg as a young teen and the library quickly became my go-to place to hang out. I spent a lot of my time here and I loved participating in all the programs, so it was very cool to join the team as extra help. Outside of work, I’m a student at Mendocino College and I’ve been in several local theatre shows. I love books, art, theatre, and general geekery.
Hope to see you sometime!

Vicki, Extra Help

I have loved libraries since I was a small child growing up in Chicago and visiting the Roden branch, always taking out way too many books. When I moved to the Mendocino coast in 2012, I joined the library right away. After my daughter was born in 2015, the library became ever more important to our family, and we spent a lot of time here reading in the children’s room and doing Saturday arts and crafts. Libraries are one of the last free, public gathering spaces in our society, and it is an honor to work at the Fort Bragg branch. When I’m not still checking out too many books, you can find me working in the Mendocino County Herb Guild garden, making plant medicines, or playing My Little Pony with my daughter.

Michael, Extra Help

Some of my earliest memories take place at a local library. My mother would take me regularly to ensure that I was learning the English language since Spanish was our first language. Since then local libraries have continued to be a familiar place wherever I travel. As an adult, I have found the tall shelves of stories and seemingly infinite knowledge very grounding during difficult times.

Being new to town, the Fort Bragg Library has quickly become a home for me. I am thrilled to be a part of the library staff as an extra-help employee. 

As an aspiring scientist, my favorite reads are usually found in the non-fiction section. I love anything written about the ocean but my favorite books usually discuss topics from ecology & biology to the laws of physics that shape the earth’s physical environment.