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Adult Book Clubs

The library is providing limited programming due to Covid-19 surges. Please see our Calendar of Events for our online programming during the pandemic.

Fort Bragg Library has two Adult Book Clubs. One is for those who prefer daylight, the other for the night owls.

Our first club is the Adult Book Club that meets at the library the last Thursday of the month. Check with Branch Librarian, Dan Hess, for the current selection, 707-964-2020.

The second club is our new Brew Pub Book Club. The Brew Pub Book Club meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at Overtime Brewing Company, 190 Elm St., Fort Bragg. For more information and the current selection contact Library Assistant, Valerie McIntire, 707-964-2020

Book Club

Adult Book Club

Interested in reviewing and discussing intriguing contemporary fiction and nonfiction books on a variety of topics?  Then you’ll love our Adult Book Club!

Join Branch Librarian, Dan Hess, and other club members, explore books of all kinds—contemporary fiction, special interests, current and past affairs, fun trends, memoirs, etc. The purpose of the Thursday Book Club is to offer readers a fresh approach to the traditional book club.

Copies of the Adult Book Club book selections will be available to order.  Reserving a copy is highly recommended.

Book discussions will be held the last Thursday of the month, 2-3 pm.

Call (964-2020) or drop by for this month’s selection.

We look forward to sharing a reading adventure with you!


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If you’ve read any great books lately, you probably, immediately, wanted to talk about what you read with friends. But that can be hard if you don’t have a place to meet that welcomes groups of bibliophiles.

“While there’s a great book club that meets at the library, it’s not always convenient for everyone who wants to go”, says organizer Valerie McIntire. “Not everyone can make it to the library.”

The Overtime Brewing Company has been very welcoming. “They have a good, cozy atmosphere for this sort of group”, says McIntire.

This book club isn’t your ordinary book discussion group. The Brew Pub Book Club is designed to be a group of friends or soon-to-be friends who’ll get together to socialize, *eat, drink and discuss some reading along the way. It’s for those night owls whose discussions tend to get a little loud, however, at Overtime, there’s no one around to shush you! So bring a friend and join us at Overtime Brewing Co., located at 190 Elm St., Fort Bragg, every 4th Wednesday of the month, 7-8 pm.

If you have questions about the book club or would like to reserve a copy of the current selection, drop by the library or give Valerie a call @ 707-964-2020.

*some snacks provided by Friends of the Fort Bragg Library.