Coast Literacy Program for Adults

www.caalusa.orgCoast Literacy Program for Adults

FORTY PERCENT of adult Americans have trouble reading and writing simple things. They cannot fill out a job application, read traffic signs, read election ballots or read the prescription on medications. They cannot understand a bus schedule, a newspaper article, product labels or read to a child. There are no typical non-readers; they can be anyone, any age and any occupation.
Difficulty with reading is a problem that can be solved; adults receiving as little as 35 to 45 hours of tutoring can improve reading skills a full grade level.
The Coast Literacy Program for Adults is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. We offer free, personal tutoring in English reading and writing. Learners and Tutors agree to meet for an hour, once a week for 6 months at the library. This can be modified as desired.

Know Someone Who Needs Help?

If you are an adult who needs more help with your reading or you know someone who does, please call or text Cathie at 707-357-0306. You can also leave your contact information at the desk at the library. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Interested in Becoming a Literacy Tutor?

Call Cathie at 707-357-0306 or shoot her an email at for details on how to get started.

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