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LEGO* at the Library

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What does playing with these colorful interlocking plastic bricks have to do with books, you ask? Studies show the connection between Lego play and books is that promoting play contributes to early literacy development by increasing attention span, memory, creativity, and language and vocabulary skills. Play also lays the foundation for logical mathematical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem solving—things they’ll carry with them throughout their school years, says “Play = Learning,” a recent study by Dorothy Singer, a senior research scientist at Yale University’s Department of Psychology and Child Study Center.

A study published in the journal Science and Children compared traditional textbook learning to learning with hands-on manipulatives like Legos. It found that tactile and kinesthetic learning increased student understanding. In other words, play paves the way for learning.

Playing with Legos offers something physical, something imaginative, and something mechanical. Little do these boys and girls know there’s an ulterior motive—to get them to read—which is why Fort Bragg Branch Library has launched this program.

Join us for our first “Block Party” every Tuesday, 4-5 pm. Bring the kids, invite the play group, the soccer team, the neighbors and have a blast learning through play.

See you at the library!

*LEGO donations to help build our collection always welcome. Drop off your donation today!
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