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We love our Volunteers!

Friends of the Fort Bragg Library threw a party on Monday, October 22, for our fantastic volunteers. The Guest House was filled to capacity and the food was delicious!

Friends’ President, Pat McGee, welcomed and thanked volunteers for their service in all capacities: at the library, Noyo Bookstore, upstairs sorting room, online sales and the high-energy annual sale that raised $8033.25. County Librarian, Karen Horner, thanked one and all for their generosity and service.  Pat gave special recognition to Sandra Figueiredo for kicking off the latest fundraiser–the $1000 Club. This fundraiser encourages donors at all levels to join together in support of library expansion. In the first month, 10 donors and groups contributed $10,000!

There is an old loom in an upstairs room of the museum. A few of us stood and looked at the late afternoon sun streaming into the room. It was beautiful. Each volunteer is a shining individual thread being pulled through the loom of library activities. The cloth emerging on the other side is a cloth of exquisite design. Thanks to the volunteers for being a part of the fabric of the library.