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Volunteer Spotlight – Meet Mary Sue Rhoads!

volunteer spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight on…Mary Sue Rhoads

Mary Sue, a retired elementary school teacher, has been volunteering for the Fort Bragg Library for over 6 years.  She’s well known around town for the various organizations she volunteers for and is often seen here at the library chatting up a former student who’s visiting the library.  Mary Sue is dependable, efficient and extremely helpful.  We all wish we could clone her.

Here, in her own words, she tells us about her experience as a volunteer with Fort Bragg Library:

Mary Sue Rhoads

FFBL:  How long have you been volunteering for Fort Bragg Library?  What year did you start volunteering?

MS:  6 years…Started in 2008

FFBL: How did you learn about Fort Bragg Library and what prompted you to get involved?

MS:  My children and I have used the library since it was on Main Street.  After retirement, I wanted to volunteer at a low energy position.  Pulling and shelving books is my speed.

FFBL: In what ways are you involved as a volunteer with Fort Bragg Library?

MS:   I work Tuesdays and Thursdays, (and an occasional Saturday) 9-11, pulling and shelving books, as well as a bit of shelf reading.

FFBL: What keeps you coming back to volunteer?

MS:  The staff.  And the need for the non-computer related tasks that need to be completed.

FFBL: What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?

MS:   Meeting people; being among the first to check out new material

FFBL: What have you learned or how have you been personally affected from your experience with Fort Bragg Library?

MS:  I have learned that working with patrons is not my choice.  I have recently learned to get the pull list books ready to go in the bins to go to other libraries.

FFBLL: What hobbies or spare time activities do you enjoy?

MS: Friends, family, non-profit organizations – Delta Kappa Gamma, Native Daughters, Soroptimist Noyo Sunrise, First Presbyterian Church.

Thank you, Mary Sue, for all your hard work and dedication!  Fort Bragg Library salutes you!

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