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Introduction to the Community Room

What is the Community Room?

The Fort Bragg Library Community Room is a space available for public events sponsored by the library or other community organizations.  It is located adjacent to the library at Laurel and Whipple Streets in Fort Bragg.  The capacity is 60 persons.  The following equipment is available: chairs, tables, sink, rest room.  The days of use are the same as the Library open days.
Organizations are responsible for planning and publicity as well as returning the rooms to their original condition.
Food, drink and smoking are not allowed.

Who may use the Community Room?

The Room may be used by:
Non-profit organizations
Groups which do not charge for admission.
All meetings must be free and open to the public.
Permission to use the facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the county.
Religious services may not be held in the community room.

How can I reserve the Community Room ?

Call 707-964-2020 during Library open hours or ask any staff member at the Library.

Your organization needs to have submitted a Registration form prior to reserving the room.  Registration can be completed online Community Room Registration or can be picked up at the library.  Be prepared to provide the name of the sponsoring organization, the name, address, email address and telephone number of a contact person, and a brief summary of the meeting purpose. Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.  Library events take precedence over all other events.

How often can I reserve the Community Room ?

You may use the room six times per year.  It can not be used for a series of meetings or classes (except for library events.)  If you have questions about this policy please discuss it with the Branch Librarian.

How far in advance can I make a reservation ?

Reservations can be made up to a year in advance.

Where do I obtain the door key ?

Obtain a key from the front desk during Library   For programs held before, after Library hours or on Monday know that the Library is closed and locked. A restroom is available in the Community room for use for program participants. Please make sure all doors are securely locked at your departure and use the book-drop to return the key when the Library is closed. Also please notate the number of participants on the slip of paper attached to the key ring.


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