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How many items may I borrow and how long can I keep them?

You may check out 50 items at a time (only 20 of those can be DVDs). Your digital book downloads do not count toward this limit.  Books, magazines, audiobooks, and music CDs are loaned for 21 days, DVDs are 7 days and InterLibrary Loans (books from outside our tri-counties area) are 14 days unless otherwise noted.  Due to high demand, some New books may have renewal restrictions.


Are there really over a  million items in the Library collection?

Yes. People are often surprised by the number and different types of items available through the Mendocino County Library system.

Browse Our Shelves

We have fiction of all genres,  an extensive non-fiction collection, DVDs, fiction and non-fiction audiobooks, a large Spanish language section, young adult, kids and Large Print items.  We also have a wonderful California collection as well as local and National genealogy materials. Ask a staff member for help in locating items in your field of interest.


The Mendocino County Library system has partnered with Lake County and Sonoma County to widen our services to include materials from all 3 Counties.  If you’re not finding what you need at our Branch, check our online catalog for more resources.

Books, DVDs, Audiobooks, Music CDs

Mendocino County Library Catalog  search our online catalog for materials available in the Tri-Counties area including  books for children, teens and adults; books on CD; films and music; comic books, special collections and graphic novels; and books in many languages and large print..  With our catalog you can search for items by title, author, publisher, or any variable of advanced search mechanisms.  You can access and browse our catalog online or in the library using the Catalog computers available at each branch.  With our online Catalog you can place a hold on items or reserve items currently checked out to others.  Plus the online Catalog lets you manage your account, renew items, check your holds and due dates, etc.  Having trouble?  Stop in or give us a call 707-964-2020 and we’ll walk you through the process.

Interlibrary Loans–Can’t find what you’re looking for in our Catalog?  Those needing materials outside of our Tri-County system (only items NOT in our catalog) can borrow an item from another library system for a $2 fee per item.  Requests may be made online or in person at any branch location.  Please note:  Items need to be more than a year old.  Books, audiobooks and cassettes only.  Most dvds are not available.  Items are restricted to a 14-day loan period.

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