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Earth Day

CELEBRATE EARTH DAY 2014- April 19-April 26

This week, celebrate all the natural beauty and resources our planet, Earth, provides us and take time to revitalize your commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Yes, “saving the planet” is a 365-day a year job, however, every year Earth Day brings it into focus for us.

To learn more,  see the following links and don’t forget to visit the library to peruse the gardening, nature, and wildlife sections.

For local events:

 For information about the Green Cities campaign, renewable energy, kids activities, and more:

What is your carbon footprint? How much nature does your “lifestyle” require? Calculate your footprint on the following sites:


Also visit the following for the history of Earth Day:

Earth Day waterfallEarth Day BumblebeeEarth Day Golden CreekEarth Day Lily PadsEarth Day ReflectionsEarth Day Spider