How to Get a CalFire Burn Permit

CalFire Burn Permit

Fort Bragg Library is not able to offer computer time for permits to be filled out. However, once you have filled it out and submitted it, you can attach your downloaded permit to an email for us to print for you to pick up curbside.  The email address is Once you send this to our email, please contact us to setup a pickup time. Prints are free at this time.

To get a CalFire burn permit: (good for within CalFire jurisdiction boundaries only)

There is no cost for the permit.

  • Go to
  • Click on Apply Now!
  • You MUST watch the 3 minute video before applying
  • After you watch the video, click on Apply Now!
  • Fill in your information (all the * spots are required). This is a two page process.
  • When you have completely filled out the application, click on submit. This will take you to a page that says either “click here” to download (as a PDF) or print.
  • You MUST print the permit to have on hand to show authorities if asked for it.
  • If you need the library to print the downloaded PDF for you, send to the email address.
  • Please sign your permit and keep it in a place readily accessible to Cal Fire personnel.
  • For more information, call the CDF Station — Fort Bragg 707-964-5673

NOTE: If you do not print it, you cannot burn. The permit MUST be available to present to authorities if asked for. If you do not print it, you will need to re-apply.

These instructions are only good for a CalFire burn permit. If you live within the Fort Bragg city limits, you’ll need to get a permit through the Fort Bragg Fire Dept. Call them for more information: Fort Bragg Fire District 707-961-2831

Printable “How to Get a CalFire Burn Permit” flier (PDF)