Art at the Library ~ featuring Virginia Ray, Assemblage Artist

Art at the Library

featuring Assemblage Artist, Virginia Ray

March — April

Virginia Ray

“The art of placement, making sense out of seemingly unrelated items, is like a game or a puzzle. Through deep observation and play, I’ve learned how to capture life’s magical spark. Enjoy the treasure hunt quality of my art.  May you recognize the grace and beauty ever present in ordinary life.”

Virginia RayBio: Virginia Ray has spent most of her life along the California coast including San Diego, Santa Cruz, Marin County, and for the last 4 years, the historic town of Fort Bragg in Mendocino County, steps from Sea Glass Beach. Also, a  lover of the nature preserve, Wilbur Hot Springs, where she has been a long time visiting artist. She is in the midst of moving to her newly made Happy Rambler Studio in the neighboring coastal town of Caspar, amongst trees, horses, and a couple of fellow artists!

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