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Tales of the Winter Solstice ~ Holiday Readings

Mendocino County Cultural Services Agency


Holiday Readings

featuring the storytelling talents of
R. Bobby and Linda Pack


Fort Bragg Library Readings

Tales of the Winter Solstice

Friday, December 13, 2019, 6-7 pm

Winter Solstice

This one-hour program will share cultural mysteries and stories about this darkest time of the year, including the Jewish holiday of Hannukah, Roman Saturnalia and the ancient Persian festival of Yalda. Lucky audience members will have an opportunity to have their fortune foretold by the writings of the esteemed Persian poet, Hafiz. The program concludes with a complete reading of Dylan Thomas’ mid-20th-century masterpiece, “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.

Join us for this free event, a true holiday treat.

Performer Bios:

Linda Pack has been creating theatre in Mendocino County for more than forty five years. She was a founding member of Gloriana Opera Company, and has performed and directed for Ukiah Players, Mendocino Theatre Company, and the Mendocino Music Festival.

In 2014, Linda conceived and created the Mendocino County Museum Road Show, which, for four years, toured the county with new stories of our rich past brought to life in spectacular theatrical productions.



R. Bobby has acted in, directed and/or produced shows for Ukiah Players Theatre, Willits Community Theatre, Mendocino College and Gloriana Opera Co. While living In Rhode Island from 2002-2018, Bobby appeared at Perishable Theatre, the GAMM Theatre, Counter Productions, and the Epic Theatre.