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Wild About Turtles

Cover image for Croc & Turtle! : the bestest friends ever!Turtle Story Time  10:30 am

Our Saturday story time will be all about turtles!




Turtle Kids Craft 11 am

Kids! Come make your own turtle!





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Turtle Talk  2 pm  with guest speaker, Katy Pye

Learn all about these fascinating creatures with our local conservationist and turtle expert, Katy Pye.

Speaker Bio:

Katy Pye is an award-winning, local author who retired from resource conservation work, moving from the Sacramento Valley to South Caspar, where she continues her passion for conservation. Along with her work with sea turtle conservation, her efforts include  educating locals on the protection of endangered pollinators and plants.

Her book, Elizabeth’s Landing, about a young girl’s efforts to save her local sea turtle habitat, not only sparked interest in sea turtle welfare but in the power of today’s youth to make a difference. Katy will have copies of her book for sale at this event.


Image courtesy of Sea Turtles, Inc

From Sea Turtles, Inc Facebook

Check out this side-by-side comparison of shell color/patterns of 6 of our green sea turtle patients!

Green sea turtles have a distinctive pattern of yellow, black, tan, and/or brown colors radiating through their upper shell (called a ‘carapace’); it is sometimes referred to as a ‘sunburst’ pattern. The carapace is a hard structure that offers protection in the wild and can help camouflage. Sea turtles also provide a service with their shells for other animals in the ocean – many animals use sea turtle shells as a home to live on and others use them as feeding stations.

Check out Sea Turtles, Inc and their virtual education programs.