The Art of Discovering Whales

The Art of Discovering Whales

by Larry Foster

Take a look at our latest acquisition!  
Local artist, Larry Foster, presented a free copy of his book, The Art of Discovering Whales, to Fort Bragg Library. We are excited to add this treasure trove of whale art and information to our collection. The book is a labor of love from Larry and Mary Foster of Whales Only Press, with assistance from Cypress House Publishing and Braggadoon Signs and Graphics. The library has annual displays and programs on whales as part of the city’s Whale Week and this book will be a great addition to our programs and displays.

The Art of Discovering Whales by Larry Foster

From the cover:
Larry Foster is the only scientific artist to commit his entire fifty-plus-year career to producing anatomically correct portrayals of Cetacea—whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Foster’s pioneering images have been seen in the National Geographic, Smithsonian, and BBC Wildlife magazines, and scores of other publications, as well as in the bestseller The Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins.

In The Art of Discovering Whales, Larry Foster describes his journey, devoting decades of countless hours of research and study to showing whale lovers everywhere the true body shapes of whales. His goal: to debunk the centuries-old myths that incorrectly presented whales as grotesque, blimp-like, and dangerous animals, and to accurately depict whales, dolphins, and porpoises as the graceful, sleek, and streamlined marine mammals they really are.