In the Shadows with Shadow Puppeteer Daniel Barash

See the magic of Shadow Puppets

with a presentation by Daniel Barash

Saturday, December 22, 2018, 11 am to 12 pm

SHADOW PUPPET WORKSHOP founder, Daniel Barash, will wow us with the magic of Shadow Puppetry in this special presentation of In the Shadows. After first introducing audience members to the art of shadow puppetry, Daniel will perform shadow puppetry versions of “Winter Folk Tales”-inspired folktales from around the world.

The audience is encouraged to participate throughout the program and volunteers will be invited up to the shadow screen to help perform the shows.

See you in the land of folktales and shadows!

This is a free event for all ages.

Shadow Puppeteer, Daniel BarashAbout the Puppeteer

Daniel Barash holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from New York University. Certified in New York State, he led arts-in-education workshops for more than a decade on the East Coast before relocating to California in 2009.

Daniel has pioneered the use of shadow puppetry, an ancient Asian art form, in diverse secular and Jewish settings.

Daniel performed a one-man educational theater program for more than 100,000 students across the United States, and has worked with students in Belarus, India, Laos, and Lithuania.

As one of 43 teaching artists from across the country sel

ected for inclusion on the John F. Kennedy Center’s National Teaching Artist Roster, Daniel has visited 17 states over the past two years, leading professional development workshops and conducting classroom modeling demonstrations.

Praise for Daniel Barash

“From the moment the lights turned off Daniel Barash captivated our entire school with his wonderfully imaginative and unique shadow puppet show. Our preschoolers and staff alike were mesmerized by the shadow puppets and were delighted to listen and watch as favorite folk tales and beloved stories came to life on the ‘big screen.’ Daniel is a gifted artist and educator and we were fortunate to be able to experience an exciting new twist on the age old tradition of oral storytelling.” Helen Luis, Associate Director, Chai Preschool

…”yet another art form to children… I loved the way Daniel included all the children in his show, either as puppeteers or as sound effect makers. He has a rare knack for managing children in a crowd . . . The audience participation was just wonderful, especially since so many children and adults got a chance to actually be puppeteers.” Lindsey Hundt, Potomac Library


  Shadow Puppet Workshop  Library assembly photo