Rowing Lessons

Rowing Lessons


For Girls and Boys, ages 10 years and up

Free Program. No Fee!

Wednesday and Thursday,

August  10th & 11th

Highly skilled rowers, who are members of the Lost Coast Traditional Small Craft Association, have scheduled two days of rowing lessons for girls and boys, from 10 years and older.




Learn to row a 12 foot boat individually on the first day, and then become a Team Rower on the second day, aboard the 26 foot Whale Boat, the Helen Dee.  Lessons will be conducted on the Noyo River, Fort Bragg.

Meet at the Dolphin Isle Cafe in the South Harbor, Fort Bragg, at 10:am each day.  At least one adult must accompany each youth during the entire time, in order to participate in this class.  The classes will run for approximately 2 – 3 hours.

Directions:  On Highway 20, just past the Boatyard Shopping Center, and the mobile home park, take the first left (at the stone building) down towards the river.  Half way down, take a right at the signs for Dolphin Isle Cafe. Continue along behind the fishing village, staying right, go up and over the hill — a very narrow road.  The cafe is at the end.  Wear a jacket over a light shirt.  It can become very hot on the water.  Fruit snacks and bottled water will be provided.

Permission Slips available at Fort Bragg Library: PLEASE RETURN TO LIBRARY FRONT DESK or email to Dan Hess:, FORMS DUE BY TUESDAY, AUGUST 9th

Lost Coast TSCA members

Lost Coast TSCA members – Photo courtesy of



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