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Quick access

Quick Access to California K-12 Online Content If you are a California student or educator who needs access to content right away, go to Quick Access to CA K-12 Online Content During Covid-19 Crisis. From the CA State Library website: “ProQuest ...

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ZIP Books are Back!


ZIP Books are back! For several years the ZIP Books Project has been instrumental in helping fill material needs here in Mendocino County and we are thrilled to be selected to continue with this unique project. Developed by the California ...

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Music with Living Legend ~ Jan Kessner

Jan Kessner

Living Room Concert with Jan Kessner Missing all the fun times at the library? Well, check out this Living Room Concert with Jan Kessner. Jan shares homespun tales and hopping tunes from her childhood in Montana and her life as ...

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Summer Reading Update

update SRP

Summer Reading Update In mid June, over one hundred and fifty letters were sent to parents of children who participated in the last three years of Summer Reading Challenges. Of those one hundred and fifty, eighty-three kids have signed up ...

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Covid-19 Diaries

Covid-19 diaries

Covid-19 Diaries Ukiah Branch Library is looking for participants to share their Covid-19 experiences. Submissions can be letters, poems, essays, photos, artwork or videos. Interested? Read the Press Release below then give them a call. Press Release “Post Date:07/15/2020 9:25 ...

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Digital Checkout Limits Reinstated


Digital Checkouts ~ Mendocino County Library Press Release Library Reinstates Digital Checkout Limits Post Date:07/10/2020 2:55 PM The Library carefully monitors the costs of all materials and digital resources, and some digital expenses have been increasing exponentially over the past ...

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Let the Games Begin! Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading is in full swing! Check out this young man who made it across the finish line first! He was so excited to get his free book and coupon he could hardly stand it! But most of all, he ...

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NEW! Online Music Lessons with ARTISTWORKS


FREE MUSIC LESSONS Have you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Or take singing lessons? Well check out our new online database, ARTISTWORKS FOR LIBRARIES! ARTISTWORKS FOR LIBRARIES provides free voice and instrument instruction through video lessons ...

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ZIP Books Program Paused

CA State Library end-of-year fiscal constraints have put our ZIP Book Program on pause. The new budget comes out in late July and we’ll know then if we can continue with the program. If we can, you will be able ...

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Catalog Requests are back!


Catalog Requests are Back! Our Curbside Service has opened up requests to include any branch in the tri-county system! Just request items through our Find! catalog and when the items get here, contact us to set up an appointment for ...

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