Bequest from Local Donor

LaVon bequest

As librarians in a busy library, we interact with all sorts of personalities and characters daily. Some just want to pick up their materials and leave, others want to engage and converse. Though all of our patrons are unique and special, some are more memorable than others. Such is the case with LaVon Taylor.

LaVon was a reader. She loved everything about books—the touch, the smell, the possibilities each held within its covers. As a library patron, she was unassuming. She came in, picked up her materials and left. Sometimes she would forget an author’s name or the title of a series and would ask staff for help. But always, always, she was gracious and witty and each verbal exchange with LaVon was a feel-good, end-with-a-smile, sorry-to-bother-you interaction.

Even in her waning years, when her health forced her to rest every few steps, she still didn’t want to be a bother. She would walk and rest, walk and rest, and onward until she had accomplished her mission of completing her errand herself. Her determination was awe-inspiring yet humbling at the same time. And we are grateful to have known her.

As a lifelong reader, LaVon dedicated a large part of her life to helping place books in the hands of other readers. When she passed away, there was a pall over the library and I’ll admit, tears were shed. We had lost a dear library friend. But true to her nature, LaVon generously passed on her love of reading to future readers by giving the proceeds from the sale of her estate to the Friends of the Fort Bragg Library. Through her bequest, LaVon’s lifelong love will carry on for many generations to come.

So we raise a glass to LaVon Taylor, library benefactor and beloved patron. To you, LaVon, thank you and SALUTE!

Enjoy this Fort Bragg Advocate News article on LaVon’s bequest.