Community Room

Due to the growth of library services we will be restricting the use of the Community Room to library sponsored programming during library business hours. This restriction will go into effect as of January 1, 2018.

Community Room Quick Links:

Community Room PolicyRegister Your OrganizationReserve the Community RoomCommunity Room CalendarPrintable Reserve Request FormLibrary Location and Hours

What is the Community Room?

The Fort Bragg Library Community Room is a space available for public events sponsored by the library or other non- profit community organizations.  It is located adjacent to the library at Laurel and Whipple Streets in Fort Bragg.  The capacity is 60 persons.  The following equipment is available: chairs, tables, sink, rest room.  With the exception of prior approval, use of the room for groups other than the library is restricted to days and times when the library is closed.
Organizations are responsible for planning and publicity as well as returning the room to its original condition.
Smoking  is not allowed. Food and drink may be allowed with prior approval.

Who may use the Community Room?

The Room may be used by:

Non-profit organizations
Groups which do not charge for admission.
All gatherings must be free and open to the public.
Permission to use the facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the county.
Religious services may not be held in the community room.

How can I reserve the Community Room ?

First, read the Fort Bragg Library Community Room Policy. If your organization falls within the allowed parameters, you’ll need to submit a Registration form prior to reserving the room.  Registration can be completed online Community Room Registration.  Be prepared to provide the name of the sponsoring organization, the name, address, email address and telephone number of a contact person, and a brief summary of what you want to use the room for. After your registration is submitted, our Branch Manager will review it to determine if it falls within the guidelines of use. Dependent upon approval from the manager, you can then begin reserving the room. Please note that reviewing registrations may take a few weeks so plan your requests well in advance.

After your group has been approved by the Branch Manager, you can check availability and reserve the room online Community Room Reservation.  Once the library reviews the request, barring any conflicts or problems, your reservation will be added to our Reservation Calendar.  You can also ask any staff member to assist you in reserving a time or you can submit a request using the online Printable Reserve Request Form. Please be advised that just placing a reservation does not guarantee usage. If you haven’t received the final confirmation within a few days of placing your request, call the library to check.

Please note: reservations are made on a first come first serve basis and library events take precedence over all other events.

How often can I reserve the Community Room ?

Your non-profit group may use the room no more than once a month and no more than twelve times per year.  If your group needs the room for a series of community informational gatherings more than once in a given month you’ll need to get prior approval. If you have questions about this policy please discuss it with the Branch Manager, Dan Hess. He can be reached via email at or by phone at 707-961-2625.

How far in advance can I make a reservation ?

The reservation calendar software is a slow loading plugin so we can only put 2 months online at a time. If you need to reserve the room further into the future please give the library a call and we will see if we can accommodate.

Where do I obtain the door key ?

Obtain a key from the front desk during Library open hours.  Please make sure all doors are securely locked at your departure and use the book-drop to return the key when the Library is closed.