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How to search for and request a checked-in item

How to search for and request an item that is Checked-In at Fort Bragg Library

First, go to In the top right hand corner you will see a blue Search the Catalog button. Click on the button.

The next screen you should see is this

On the left, where it says Everything, hover over the arrow to the right of the word and slide down to select Mendocino County Only

Next, where it says General Keyword, once again hover over the arrow to the right where you can choose to narrow your search to Author, Title, Subject etc. You can also leave this on General Keyword.

Type in your search information (author, title, etc) in the search box to the left of the orange SEARCH button and then click on that button. (for the sake of this demo, I have selected an author’s name)

Clicking the SEARCH button should have produced a screen with a listing of items based on your search. To the left, there is a column that says Limit Search Results. Select Fort Bragg Library then click on the Include button. This will narrow your search to items to ones Fort Bragg owns. It doesn’t mean the search limits to only Fort Bragg because there may be multiple copies in the county. But it will exclude items Fort Bragg doesn’t own.

Next, select the item you are looking for, paying attention to item type (i.e. CDs, Books, etc) which you can narrow as well.

Click on either the title or the icon (picture) of the item you want to request. This takes you to the record for that particular item.

Once you are looking at the record for the one item, scroll to the bottom where you’ll see a box that lists the libraries in Mendocino County who own copies of this item. Because you narrowed the search to include Fort Bragg, you should see it listed. On the right side of this box, you’ll see a column titled Status. Here is where you can see if the item is Checked In. If it says Checked In, it should be on the shelf at the library and you can request it if you like.

If it only contains a due date, the item is checked out and not currently available.

Keep in mind, this is not a guarantee the item is there and available. There are many factors that could hinder your request, such as the item checked out to someone else earlier in the day (the catalog updates overnight) or the item could be missing or damaged.

Once you have determined the item you want is checked in, the following instructions tell you how to request it.

To request an item whose status is Checked In at Fort Bragg Library, follow these instructions.

First, go to the Mendocino County Library website at The page will look like this

On this page, hover over Locations and select Fort Bragg Library

Once you’re on the Fort Bragg Library page, scroll down a bit where you will see two links—Curbside Pickup Form for Fort Bragg Library and Library Seed Request Form for Fort Bragg Library. Select the link to Curbside.

This takes you to the request form page. We highly recommend you go to the Information Page and read about the process and parameters before you request anything.

Once you have read the info page, you can fill out the request form with the item(s) you want and submit it to the library.

Once submitted, you will receive notification from the library to set up a time for you to pick your item(s) up.

Curbside pickup is available M-F, 10am-4:30pm, by appointment only.

Returns are now being taken Tues-Fri, 11am-3pm now so you can arrange to pick up your requested items at the same time you return your checked out items.

Requested items are due back in 3 weeks.

Thanks and enjoy!