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What are your go to titles for comfort & escape during hard times?

What are your go to titles?


Patrons, friends, and followers on social media (and elsewhere) answered this question: what books and/or movies do you turn to for comfort or escape in times of hardship? Here are their selections (includes links if item is available electronically).

Book titles:

Anne of Green Gables (Mellisa H and Catherine D)

Harry Potter books “I’m rereading them all!” (Carole P)

Debbie Macomber books (Charlene S)

Grapes of Wrath & Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas “No matter how weird or bad it gets, it can’t get weirder or badder than those.” (Charlie W)

Nora Roberts books & Fairytales (Valerie M)

Agatha Christie books “Good always triumphs over evil.” (Patricia F)

Slaughterhouse 5 “Surprisingly…good book.” (Lesley R)

Guardians of Childhood series by William Joyce “These chapter books are truly special. Filled with great characters, brilliant detail, witty imaginative writing, suspense, action, daring do and heroics, they are a true “feel good” set of books.” (Wally C)

Alice Hoffman books “How in the world she escaped me all these years, I’ll never know. But I’m really enjoying her stuff right now.” (Kenya M)

Disc World series by Terry Pratchett (Linda T) “It’s impossible to remain glum and discouraged in the face of all that silliness.”

Naomi’s Room “super scary. I love the scaries!” (Laura K)

Nicholas Sparks & Nora Roberts books “I’m all about romantic books” (Kelley K)

Belgariad and Malloreon series by Eddings “Favorite books of all time.” (Lori J)

Infinite Jest “there are so may rabbit holes in that book that one can explore and get lost in.” (Colin M)

Nabokov’s Lolita “Porn! LOL” (Pat F)

Jane Austen books “all the way” (Dawn B)

Georgette Heyer books “Cotillion is my fav, or The Grand Sophy” (Maurette F)


Film/TV titles:

Happy Feet (Jayne P)

Wizard of Oz “truly THE timeless upbeat classic to put on.” & any good old MGM musical is fun (Wally C)

Lark Rise to Candleford & Call the Midwife “Both these series are very well done! Heartwarming. Just what we need.” (Kat R)

Zoolander “funniest movie ever!” & anything with Brad Pitt (Bill B)

Pretty Woman & Horror flicks like The Hills Have Eyes, Saw and What Lies Beneath. Alfred Hitchcock (Linda J)

Auntie Mame, the original & Doris Day movies. The Birdcage with Nathan Lane and Robin Williams (Laura K)

Parent Trap, Gilmore Girls and Hallmark movies “because they are so cheesy and the problems in them are barely even problems” (Saher R)

Great British Baking Show “I can watch and re-watch!” (Dawn B)

August Rush (Sara M)

Secondhand Lions (Elaine H)

Perks of Being a Wallflower “Good movie!” (Kelley K)