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BookClub That Must Not Be Named-Moon Called

September 11, 2014 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Moon Called

by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called



Mercy (short for Mercedes) Thompson is a mechanic, who earns a good living fixing German make cars in her garage in the Tri-Cites.  She lives in a world where the lesser fae have been ‘outed’ and now live in government reservations, werewolves and vampires exist but have managed to keep their existence secret, along with a few other strange creatures that are still firmly in the closet.

Whilst she is working in her garage a young drifter turns up looking for casual work and feeling sorry for him, Mercy gives him a job.  She can tell he is in some sort of trouble and apart from everything else she can tell that he is also a werewolf.

Mercy knows a lot about werewolves, she was raised by a werewolf family, her first love was a werewolf and her current next door neighbour is a werewolf.  Yes, Mercy certainly knows werewolves!  She isn’t a werewolf herself, though she was born a ‘walker’, a Native American supernatural shape shifter who can change into a coyote at will.

Determined to help her new friend she introduces him to her next door neighbour Adam, who is also the alpha of the local werewolf pack.  From there events soon spiral out of control with Mercy caught in the middle.  She is soon forced to return to her childhood home and seek the assistance of the Marrok, leader of all the werewolf packs of America.  It is soon apparent that there is a plot against the Marrok but without much of an idea who is behind it Mercy turns to the vampires for help.