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Mendocino County Library Publishes Second Annual Report

Mendocino County Library Publishes Second Annual Report

Mendocino County Library Press Release, November 19, 2020

The Mendocino County Library has published its second Library Annual Report for fiscal year 2019-2020. This edition is filled with photos and a special report from each library branch as well as the Bookmobile. The Ukiah Library, Fort Bragg Library, Willits Library, Coast Community Library, Round Valley Library and Bookmobile share stories on how this unusual year has unfolded before and during the pandemic.

The report demonstrates how services were provided in new ways throughout the year pre and post pandemic, such as the “Wild About…” programs, Nicole’s Test Kitchen, Sam’s Virtual Toddler Time, and new digital databases which are available 24/7. The finance section illustrates the need for additional funding for capital improvement projects, and there is exciting news of the Library joining the CENIC high-speed education broadband network. In the statistics section, it is evident that despite the shelter-in-place restrictions, the Library kept providing services to the Mendocino County community. The report also includes messages from the outgoing County Librarian, Karen Horner, and from the Chair of the Board of Supervisors, John Haschak.

The report is available online and as a downloadable PDF version through the Library website. For more information, visit us at, call your local branch: Ukiah Library, 463-4490; Fort Bragg Library, 964-2020; Willits Library, 459-5908; Coast Community Library, 882-3114; Round Valley Library, 983-6736; and the Bookmobile, 234-2874, or contact the Mendocino County Cultural Services Agency at 234-2873.