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1st Friday Art-Movie Los Hilos de la Vida

Carmela's Day of the Dead Quilt

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On 1st Friday, July 1, 2016, to honor of our local quilters and the wrap-up of the annual Quilt Show, Fort Bragg Library will be showing the 2008 Los Hilos de la Vida (Threads of Love) quilting documentary.

Set in Anderson Valley, Los Hilos de la Vida features Latino quilters telling their life stories through freestyle quilting. Los Hilos de la Vida started as a class through the Anderson Valley Adult School in 2005 and blossomed into a traveling quilt show, where it traveled for several years throughout Northern California before losing it’s funding.

los hilos de la vida

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Join us for a look at this unique form of storytelling, Los Hilos de la Vida (Threads of Love), Friday, July 1, 2016, 4 pm @ Fort Bragg Library.

Also, check out the companion book, Los Hilos de la Vida, at your local branch.

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