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Adult Zen Coloring

June 1, 2016 @ 10:30 am - 11:00 am

Adult Zen Coloring

adult zen coloring

@ Fort Bragg Branch Library

zen coloring 5

Complex zen and anti-stress coloring pages for adults, inspired by nature or completely surreal, are guaranteed relaxation.  Adult Zen Coloring, aka doodling, balances colors so they become a reflection of your emotions, soothing the inner self and relaxing the mind.


zen coloring 4

Find your inner balance every Wednesday,10:30-11 am, beginning May 4, 2016 and every 3rd Friday,  5-6 pm @Fort Bragg Branch Library.

zen coloring 3


The Healing Power Of Art

Art may not be able to cure disease, but it can surely make coping with it a lot better. Researchers have acknowledged the therapeutic qualities of art for years, and today, art therapy is used to help people express themselves when what they’re feeling is too difficult to put into words, such as when they’re faced with a cancer diagnosis. Read more here